Shop For A Cause

By Be Green FKL F23 (other events)

3 Dates Through Sep 15, 2023

SHOP FOR A CAUSE- purchase one of these early access passes and Be Green will donate your fee to local nonprofit AND will match that fee!

WED, Sept 13th $10 entry 5pm-8pm  Be First in the Door. Shop the same night as consignors shop!  Inventory at its highest

THU, Sept 14th $5 entry 9am-11am   Drop the kids at school and head to our sale.  Shop during early access hours, before we open to the public at 11am.  Limited passes available, so makes for a nice shopping experience before the crowds

FRI Sept 15th $5 entry at 4pm for early access to discount pricing.  Get in before the public arrives at 5pm. Shop discount pricing- if tags says "discount yes" take 50% off 

There are NO REFUNDS on paid tickets. If life gets in the way and you cannot use for the day/time purchased, feel free to pass along to someone who can use them OR come at different times!